What's Your Story?

Settlers Life offers a portfolio of products that address multiple life circumstances.These vary from one individual to another and we all have our own story to tell. The following stories are being shared to show you how our products might meet your needs.

These stories are offered as illustrations of possible life events and do not depict circumstances of actual clients.

After 18 years with a machinery manufacturer, Scott thought he had everything "mapped out" for retirement. However, due to company downsizing, he was recently offered an opportunity for early retirement. The thought of retirement is really appealing and he looks forward to having more time to spend with his family, work in the garden and coach little league.  Scott is concerned however, about losing his company sponsored life insurance coverage once his employment comes to an end.  He wants to make sure he has life insurance in place so his family will not be burdened with paying his final expenses
Solution: Settlers Life Gold Plan



Craig had worked hard all of his life and was a dependable provider for his family.  However, as he focused on meeting the family's day to day needs, he failed to plan ahead and take steps to make sure funds would be available to pay for his final expenses. Since Craig passed away unexpectedly, Erica was not prepared to pay all of the final expenses.  She has been in good health for the past two years but knows that the unexpected happens and she wants peace of mind knowing that her children will not have the financial burden of her final expenses when she passes.
Solution: Settlers Life Silver Plan


  Terry and Sam are challenged to find something different to gift to their grandchildren.  Carrie and Carson have all the toys and clothes they need.  It would be so special if Terry and Sam could give a gift their grandchildren would have for years to come.

Neither of them have had any health problems for over five years. They are ready to start planning for retirement and they want to include a plan to pay for their final expenses.

      They thought they had planned for everything - their first home, college funds for their children, and even retirement. Now that they are over 60, they have realized that they need a little more life insurance that can be set aside to cover their burial expenses. But, because of Bill's recent heart attack last month, they are struggling to find a life insurance company that will accept him.
Solution: Settlers Life Bronze Plan




Life Insurance should be reviewed at least once every five years. The purpose of a review is to compare your changing needs to the benefits available under your current policy.

Your life insurance policy should also be reviewed whenever there is a major event in your life -- or in the lives of the ones the policy is intended to assist or benefit.

Events such as:    
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth of a child
  • New Home
  • Change in finances 
  • Death
  • Health Changes

During your review consider who is named as a beneficiary under your policy. Make sure your address and phone numbers are up to date in the company's records. If you have any questions or if you decide you wish to speak with an agent about updating your policy or purchasing some additional insurance, call our Policyholder Service Department at  1-800-542-8711, or email us at phs@settlerslife.com.

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This is an advertisement.  Plan availability, details, and forms may vary from state to state.  For policy eligibility and plan details, please contact Settlers Life or a Settlers Life agent.

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