Update Name, Address, or Beneficiary

Here's all you need to do to update your name, address or beneficiary:

  • Open the form. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it.
  • Fill out the section appropriate to your change. You can fill out the form electronically or by hand.
  • Print the form. Please make sure you've signed it.
  • Mail the form to:
    Settlers Life Insurance Company
    Attn: Policyholder Services
    PO Box 8600
    Bristol, VA 24203-8600

It's that easy!

Filling Out The Form Electronically

  • Check the boxes you want by moving your mouse over the box and clicking (the cursor will turn from a hand to an arrow). To un-check a box, simply click on it a second time.
  • To type on a line, click where you want to start and begin typing. You can use the tab key to advance to the next line.
  • Once you've filled out all applicable parts, print the form by clicking on the print button at the top of the screen (part of Acrobat Reader).

Note: When you close Acrobat Reader, your entries will not be saved. If you print the form and realize you need to add or change something, your entries will still be there as long as you did not close the program.