At the time of application, Settlers Life clients may also elect to irrevocably assign ownership of their policy to the NGL Estate Planning Trust or the NGL Funeral Expense Trust.

The NGL Estate Planning Trust

Provides reassurance that life insurance policy proceeds are protected from creditors, will be used to pay funeral expenses and remaining funds will be paid to the insured's beneficiary of choice.

  • Maximum Face Amount $50,000
  • Excess funds paid to named beneficiary
  • No Fees 
  • Funds NOT excluded from assets for Medicaid or SSI spend down until 5 years after assignment

The NGL Funeral Expense Trust

Can immediately protect assets from spend down if qualification for Medicaid, SSI or other public assistance becomes necessary.

  • Funds may be excluded from assets for Medicaid / SSI qualification
  • Maximum Face Amount $15,000
  • Excess funds paid to the State Medicaid Recovery Program or to the Estate of the Assignor/Owner
  • No Fees
  • Immediate Transfer optional
  • Not available in all states. Maximum face amount limit subject to state restrictions.


The NGL Estate Planning Trust and the NGL Funeral Expense Trust are not available in all states, and where available, are subject to state restrictions on maximum face amount.  Please contact Settlers Life for additional detailed information.

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