At Settlers Life, we believe in listening to the agent voice. We also think it is important for agents to hear what other agents are saying.

I love Settlers Life. From the beginning, they always encouraged me to call Partner Support for all my needs. They don't make me go to their website to try to figure everything out on my own. The Partner Support team is very friendly, personable, and they always find the answers to my questions. I have never felt like "just a number" with Settlers. They make their partners feel like they belong; like a place to call "home". One of the things I love about them is their incentives, which are very attainable! I've won several trips now over the last 3 years just by marketing Settlers Life products appropriately, and doing what is best for each client. Their product options like the Funeral Expense Trust, Accidental Death Rider up to $100,000, and Child/Grandchild Benefit are extremely competitive. I wasn't trying to make Settlers Life my favorite company. It just happened.
Gary Stoller


The products that Settlers Life offers serve a broad range of final expense needs, from the healthiest client to the client that has health problems that many companies would decline. The underwriting process usually takes only a couple of days if there are no outstanding requirements, and if you need to speak with an underwriter, one is available. The commissions schedule is one of the best on the market for the agent looking at the big picture (renewals).
Doug Lahey


 If you are seeking to partner with a solid, committed company who is dedicated to your business growth, then you will find a home with Settlers Life. The folks at Settlers are true partners in helping any agent become more successful. Settlers Life is a company you can depend on.
Karen Golden

After searching for several years to find an organization that could provide the integrity and professionalism needed to support our business, we finally found it with Settlers Life.   Settlers Life has a home-town feel offering exemplary service and loyalty to their clients and personal support to their agents.  They strive to enhance their value-add to the client which allows agents to offer the best product in the Final Expense industry.  If you have been looking for a place to finally plant your feet and become part of an organization that treats you like family, look no further, you will find it here.
Wendell Bivens



There is no doubt that in the long history of Settlers Life that they have a superior reputation of being very competent and efficient in serving clients. I choose to work with Settlers Life for the simple fact that they are my most important asset. I'm extremely busy and must rely on a team with outstanding expertise to quickly handle my business. Settlers Life has excellent training for agents, easy methods for submitting and tracking business, and keeps me updated when I need to follow up on applications. I could not do what I do in the field as well without their attention to detail and commitment to my success.
Revae Stuart



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