How Much Final Expense Insurance Do I Need?

When planning for final expenses, it is important to remember that funeral and burial costs are on the rise. Over the past 25 years, funeral costs have consistently increased.

  • The average funeral cost today is $8,5081.

  • Additional fees for cemetery, monument, flowers, & obituaries can increase this cost to $14,8582.

  • Considering the average costs over the past 40 years and projecting out at 5% inflation per year, by 2030 the cost would be $18,276.3

  • The Social Security Death Benefit only provides a lump sum benefit of $255 for those who qualify4.


















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1 Source: 2015 National Funeral Directors Association General Price List Survey.
2 Source:
3Does not include cemetery costs.

4 Source: Social Security Rules & Regulations 404.390

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