Company History


Began as the Huff-Cook Mutual Burial Association. At that time, insurance certificates were sold through captive agents, predominately in Virginia.


In an effort to broaden the lines of business which could be offered to Huff-Cook members, and also to non-members, and to create the opportunity for the company to offer life insurance plans in states other than Virginia, Huff-Cook MBA decided to create an independent life insurance company. Settlers Life was born.


Through the late 1980's and into the early 1990's Settlers Life continued to grow and to expand. In 1999, Settlers Life became a member of the National Guardian Life Insurance Group.


Settlers Life is represented by over 6,500 agents in forty-four states and has earned the name America's Final Expense CompanySM. As of December 2016, our assets exceed $401 million dollars, with more than $42 million in surplus and over $1.83 billion dollars of life insurance in force.*

*Liabilities are $359.8 million.  Figures drawn from the 12/31/2016 Annual Statement of Settlers Life Insurance Company